I’ve missed writing so much over the past couple of months.  I’ve missed a lot of things if I’m honest.

I’ve had plans to makeover my downstairs bathroom, run some craft sessions, and make some new products for Bella’s. Unfortunately that’s just what they have been ‘plans’.

Why haven’t I been able to complete my to do list?  I can’t really blame one thing in particular.  Life kind of got in the way, tiredness, and the very up and down level of sparkle we all sometimes struggle with.

Crazy isn’t it, how some days we can take on the world, whiz through a to do list, and then other days just lifes essentials are enough?

The past month consisted very much of Mom and Dad staying with our Aunt and providing end of life care.  It was very daunting and somewhat overwhelming for them.  Her request was to be cared for at home in her last days and this wish was fulfilled.  I spoke to Mom throughout the day numerous times.


Between us we got by. Then Mom’s much-loved cat was diagnosed with a heart condition around the same time.  Now requiring around 10 pills a day.  Again we have got by, the essentials and the basics of life got completed.

The plan to shift some 1lbs for our holiday went out the window. Rubys daily walk and days/evenings out, all not completed.  Not in a defeated manner, simply at points/times in your life the small stuff, the less important tasks, have to be stepped away from.

You gather yourself up, get strong again and move on.  How simple does it sound, to not sweat the small stuff?  The down stairs bathroom will be just fine for another month, Ruby is now besties with Bily so her missing a few walks did no real harm and life just carries on.

I’m writing my blog on holiday, our first break since last Christmas.  No sympathy needed, but it’s been a challenging year.  Like many, I’m sure, it’s been cloudy for the first 5 days, but today the sun is in its full glory.

Not a cloud in sight, we are covered in mostiquo bites, and look a little like we have chicken pox ?? but hey it’s small stuff.

The big things are what really count.  In February I was with a neighbour at 5pm and he was gone at 6pm ?, his journey was over.  I have struggled with the thought that this can happen in a blink of an eye.  We really don’t know what is around the corner, and it’s a good job we don’t.  How many times have you heard the tale about ‘Bob’ for example who was at work yesterday and the day after he didn’t wake up?

So the reason to my rambling is, ‘don’t sweat the small stuff‘.  Do a list, cover the basics, and when you have a lot going on in your life it’s ok to let the less important things slide. I’m talking basic, peel the layers of life off, then slowly build them back up again when your strong enough to do so.  Allow yourself time to do this, be kind to yourself.

~ ❤






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