Jealousy is such a ugly trait, one that many of us have encountered in some form.

I can’t typically say I am a jealous person.  Not because I claim to have the world but I find people/journeys/homes inspiring.  If for example I see a home interior that I like, I will swoon over it and won’t be angry or cross with the world because I don’t have it or probably never will ?.  However, I have learned that the cycle of jealousy is a very consuming one.

Is that because I have strong foundations or because I have chose to not let the the power of jealousy eat away at me?

There are many people over the years I have encountered, stuck in no mans world not really enjoying there own lives.  They let the powers of jealousy consume them. It makes them bitter towards the world.  I get that not everyone has the easiest of roads and lots of people are a little bit broken.  Some can’t afford a yearly holiday, they don’t live in beautiful homes, or can’t have children.  But for every person out there plotting evil about the person who does appear to have it all, you will find a person who is happy with their lot.  You see that is the key to living your best life, being happy with what we do have.   By all means have dreams and plans, but I can see just what the powers of jealousy can create.

Your own world begins to shut down when all you see is what others have.  “Oh so and so have had a new car” and suddenly your 8 year old run around doesn’t have the same appeal.  It didn’t stop working or let you down but it doesn’t look as good as Jim’s shiny new number.

It’s in your head!  Slowly this cycle can stop you enjoying your own journey.  It’s all around us, forever wanting the best, the newest, the biggest.

I’ve said before some of the happiest people I know are the most grounded people.  Not the people with the best of everything, or the people who particularly look or dress the best.  The people who accept what they have and take the pleasure from their own lives, you can see the happiness in them.

They don’t seem to moan about their lack of funds or the condition there house is in.  They are at peace with themselves and don’t need to be keeping up with anyone.  They are not in a competition for the most luxurious holiday, the sexiest slimmest body or the most designer clothes.  They don’t need them to shine.

Yes we all fancy the above, but fancying something is very different to letting the powers of jealousy destroy what we already have.

  • I have sadly been at that end of the jealousy game.  Stories about me spread because they feel I have it all.  It is a reflection on the person thinking and spreading the hate.  No life is perfect mine certainly isn’t, and no relationship is.  The power of jealousy is a strong one.  It takes root and travels deep, chop it down and kill fast before it takes over ~







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