The playroom had simply become a dumping ground.  We all have those spaces.  The craft room was also one, although, that has recently had a fine tidy up from my eldest son and his girlfriend.

The playroom was our final makeover for 2017.  What a year it had been.  We started with the lounge makeover,  then Lily’s bedroom, Jack’s bedroom, Alfie’s bedroom & the hall stairs and landing.

I was determined this ‘mish mash’ room would be of use to us, and wow I/we love it so much.  In fact, it has totally become my favourite spaces to relax in.  The light fills the room throughout the day.  The main lounge is lush but feels such a big space for just me when working from home.

We spent what seemed like weeks clearing it out.  Toy’s from when the triplet’s were little we sent to the charity shops and some sold on.

Alfie loves his imaginary play, so Nan created him a toy box to house his dressing up clothes.  We realised early on that this room still needed to house a lot of his toys.  As little man is only 5, his room isn’t big enough for his toys, so the new room was to be another place to chill and for all of Alfie’s toys  ?.

Our old sofa we had been given, so just before Xmas we passed it on to another person in need.  The family were delighted.  Our big purchase was the corner sofa, my friend introduced me to the world of spock and I am now hooked.

It’s like a car boot sale online.  You basically barter over other peoples goods lol.  The corner sofa was brand new and we paid £400 delivered, I was chuffed with that.

We sold on our ikea trofast unit.  It had served us so well, but it was time for a more sophisticated piece of furniture.  Again back to the wonderful world of spock.  I came across this yummy old piece that had been upcylced.  It was £150 including delivery, it’s huge and holds Alfie’s toys beautifully.

We went back to Ikea for the floating shelves, love how the feature wall is growing, adding lots of one off makes from small businesses, and off course my family photo’s.

The tall lamp again was from Ikea.  I was keen to have a vintage bulb, love the growing collection of bulbs now available, this lamp you can also angle.

Homesense provided the finishing touches.  A tiny console table is perfect for my cuppa, and I love there basket collection, and treated myself to a couple.

The storage isn’t finished though.  I would like to Steve’s horror, to buy more baskets to house all the board games.  I would also like a new bookshelf to match the unit, but like all good things in life, you sometimes have to wait ?.

The textured rug is an Aldi buy, it is lovely under foot.  My gorgeous stag cushion although a little seasonal was reduced to just  £12 in the M&S sale, it was £37 not sure I could justify that for a cushion.

The curtains I would like to replace but they seem to fit in nicely for now, creating a bit of a grey & mustard colour theme.  So there we have it, nearly but not quite finished, but now a fully functional room, mission accomplished ?

Playroom Makeover

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