So we have a pup, yes a rather cute 4 month old little pup.  Just how/why did we go about adding to our already rather large animal gang ?

Well it does make for an interesting read, so here goes….

Most families take months planning, organising and dreaming about getting a new family pet.  Well I presume normal people have detailed debates about the pros and cons.  Although I consider myself to be a fairly sensible human the Ruby decision really did come out of no where.

Well that’s not quite the truth she came out of ‘Shpock’ the car boot app lol.  I like a little browse, and a few weeks prior to buying Ruby I was scrolling by local sales, and I noticed one or 2 furry friends pop up for sale.

Brian caught my eye.  He was a little Jack Russel cross pup, super cute and local.  It got me thinking “oh it would be lovely to have a new pup?” “It would be good company for Bily”.  I dropped the cute ‘photo bait’ to Steve, however, he didn’t bite ?, that’s his fairly standard reaction though.  Brian played on my mind all week, and he must have done the same for Steve as he suggested we go and have a look.  We all know what happens when you go to look at a puppy ??.

That day undercover, Jack and I cleaned out the crate we used for Bily 11 years ago.  We also picked up some puppy pads and a bag of food.

We drove to view Brian without really speaking.  I felt really nervous, just what was I doing? Why were we getting a puppy?  I couldn’t have given the answers to Steve if he would have asked, so I said nothing.

Brian was kept outside, separated by a piece of wood shoved up the side of the house.  With a dripping pipe over his head making him a little soggy, he also had the runs and was desperate for attention.  We both picked him up and gave him a fuss, he had some sores on his tummy, we think this was due to the constant jumping up the wood ?.  He looked unkempt and sad.  We asked if we could go away and have a think, so we returned to the car both a little shaken and very unsure of what to do.  We talked about taking him to the vets first thing tomorrow to be seen, and every rule about buying a healthy puppy kept running through our minds.

It wasn’t the right thing to do, and if our lives were less crazy perhaps we could take on the challenge.  However, with 3 animals at home we made the very hard choice to walk away, the drive home was very much like the drive there, neither of us had a lot to say but we both knew we had made the right decision for us all.

What happened next was the crazy part.  We arrived home around 9pm, Alfie was in bed but the other 4 were waiting for the new arrival.  We told them the sad news and they agreed with tears we had done the right thing.  Jack was back on Shpock, Steve poured a G&T and we settled down to watch Love Island.  Like a dog with bone Jack was convinced he would find us the right pup, “Mom just look at this puppy”, this one was to be Ruby….

I agreed to send the owner a message.  She had described the pup as a Chihuahua Cross, 9 weeks old, she had her 1st injections, had been micro chipped, came with a bundle of goodies and was ready to go.  Within minutes of messaging, the owner had replied, and things were moving quickly.  She was a nurse working 12 hour shifts and she had realised buying a puppy and leaving her for hours on end was not a good idea.

She had asked a neighbour to pop in at lunch, but when she left Ruby had cried for hours.  The next day she was due to work a 12 hour shift and she couldn’t face leaving her.  She offered me, lets say a very good deal and at 10pm I put the offer to Steve.  They lived in Mosley, Steve had a drink so it was up to me to drive. So like a couple of care free nutters we left home at ‘silly o’clock’ to fetch a puppy.

We stopped at the bank on the way and it was nearly 11pm by the time we got there.  It was very clear as soon as we arrived that ‘Polly’ as she was then called was in lovely condition, total contrast to our earlier visit to Brian ?.

She was a crazy little thing.  Julie the owner had piles and I mean piles of goodies, play pen, pet carrier, you name it she had it, she was a nice lady who I think had got carried away in the buying part of a having a pup ? and had made a very silly decision in buying her.

We arrived home at 12.30am.  Ruby was as nutty as a fruit cake and to say I was regretting our purchase was an understatement.  By 2am we decided to put her in the crate and go to bed.

Fortunately for Ruby that night she didn’t make a sound all night.  I was ready to call the owner and beg her to take her back, I was over run with fear, how would we cope?  I had an upset tummy and at 4am I nearly had a full blown panic attack, just what had I done

The next morning we introduced her to Bily.  The initial first few hours he was brilliant with her.  However, come the afternoon he was like “yes I have enjoyed this pup visiting now take her back”.

Two months on I think he still feels the same lol, they are still in the very early stages of the relationship ?.

Calling Mom and Dad the next morning was quite a phone call.  I tell my parents everything and respect there opinions and views.  It was Mom who had said the possible poorly pup was not for us, and helped us make the right decision.

I had not told them about the next part of the evening so when I called them I simply said “come round when you can, to meet our new family member”.  I was quick to add that it wasn’t the poorly pup, but we had the cutest pup for them to meet.  They both agreed she was a nut job but was perfect for us.

So here we are a few months in, and we are all doing ok.  She is developing a beautiful relationship with Alfie and is very much a Mommy’s girl.

Steve has been a star and continues to amaze me with just how placid and kind he is.  The hot weather has made the early morning waking a lot more enjoyable.  Steve has now got a great little routine going on, then she’s mine for the day.

She is still nipping with her baby sharp teeth, and is hit and miss with the toilet training.  She likes a good chew.  So far she has eaten some flip-flops, shoe laces ? and dug up my plants.  We have been here before though.  In fact, the last time we did this we also had 3 two year old’s also toilet training so we can do anything after that.

The hardest part has been integrating her with Bily.  Although they are still not, lets say ‘the best of friends’, he is making very slow progress.  At one point I had Ruby on a lead in the house around him, to train her how to behave with him, now they are in the same room together.

Yes he still growls at her,  but she is very much learning her place in the pecking order.  She’s a good girl and is mixing well with other dogs when we walk her.  In fact she’s a bit of a tart and rolls over onto her back and shows them all her bits, not like her owner I may add ??.

Toby cat is a dream with her, she jumps all over him, and he tolerates her so well.  He will give her an occasional swipe if she takes thing’s to far.  Oli made it very clear he wasn’t impressed with her Puppy antics and she knows he’s the boss.

So our crazy gang grew just like that.  Ruby makes us all smile every day.  I just know we will give her a good life full of love.  Sometimes not every crazy decision is a bad one.  In fact you can over think some situations and talk yourself out of it.  There was no time for doing that in this situation.

Welcome to our family little Ruby ?~




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