“Teenagers” we currently have 4 of our own and a 5th one who visits daily ?.

My knowledge on them is vast, they are not standard creatures, but highly complex, they can be hypo one minute the next slug like creatures wrapped in duvets and blankets.


There is no stereotypical teenager they all vary in their very individual style.

You spend years nurturing your little darlings then they hit the teenage years. Then they are not so keen to be seen out chilling with you, oh but they still like the money spending kind of chilling. During a holiday swimming session oddly enough Charlie wasn’t so happy to give his Mom a piggy back across the pool ? nor Lily to hold Mom’s hand as we walk through the park,

They are so selective with clothes, Charlie and Harry live in around 5 specific labelled outfits that they will wear. They have the idea of a capsule wardrobe to a tee. I’m not sure the multi wearing of boxer shorts is such a lovely vision.

Lily is happier with a Primark shopping blend, but the tops have got lower and the skirts have got shorter ?. I do remember my illegal black school shirt that I would hide in my school bag and change into at the bus stop ?, so I think this trend has been around for some years.

Oh and how lazy are they? If they can get away without doing it they will. They leave a trail destruction everywhere they go. Jack is a classic for this, he can go in the bathroom, leave the shampoo, hair gels and sprays on the sink, and every towel seems to end up on the floor. His cereal packet will be left out, as will the milk, the bowl and the spoon. On a weekend it can be a battle when Steve recalls every one of them to close the cupboard door or take a cup downstairs, it can go on and on. I’m finding myself explaining to Steve that our 4 are really no different to the majority of teenagers out there.

They seem to be the most self absorbed little creatures, thinking that they are in fact the only people in the universe. Tea can wait while I complete my fortnite kill, and of course I would love to drop you at Millie’s Jack the second I walk through the door.

They are all generally lazy, loud, expressive, and rather arrogant little humans for the majority of the teenage years.

They know everything, and if you try and argue with a pre-monthly 13 year old, you risk your life ?. Having sibling teenager’s is even more fun. Odd days they like each other, but the majority of days they would happily have each of their siblings re homed The punches on the arms between Charlie and Harry are like something out of fight night, I’ve had phones thrown, Xbox’s and remotes hidden

They also now have a very teenage language, I mean what is a “chotch”? I’ve heard them all, I even find myself slipping into the young peoples language forgetting I’m very nearly 40 ?. You see what I do like about this species is there fun for life. They have that zest to live, they really do just love to play on the Xbox binge on pizza and sweets, make house calls with 4 people in your bedroom. What a world to live in, so simple at times, worrying about the big party Saturday and what to wear, taking those funny pictures of you looking like a cat ?. I mean who doesn’t want to relive a bit of that life? So self absorbed, your Mom to cook your tea, your Dad to take you training, oh I forgot my PE kit, not to worry Mom will bring it ?.

Fortnite. If you have teenagers this game may have impacted your life. We have 2 teenage gamers, 2 Xboxes, including one in my office next to the kitchen where I work. This game really has made an impact on our lives.
Yes it’s kept them out of the way, and distracted at many a point over the summer holidays. Also to watch, its not as gruesome as some, but they are addicted. It feels like your living in a war zone, fighting a daily mission, more often than not I can hear Charlie downstairs shouting, I mean really shouting into his microphone to “send more men in”, and then Harry is devastated at how the internet is lagging man ??.

I laugh now but it drives me nuts. You see you can’t ban it, as they are part of a club, there is so many kids on it, and in these teenage years it’s vital to fit in.

We are lucky we have 4 kids that ‘fit in’. Being cool is important to them, looking a certain way, or being part of certain groups. I love how Jack is pushing those boundaries with his clothes and his style. He’s never been as keen as the triplets to be the same as the others. Don’t get me wrong he likes a label, but as he’s becoming more of himself, as a person (he’s had a girlfriend for a year, he’s got an apprenticeship) you start to become more confident to be you. He does put some right clothing combinations together and is generally rocking them.

Life with 4 teenagers is loud and it’s volatile. You have to be prepared to say “hello” to various people on live chats, some day’s I walk into Lily’s room and I have to say hello to 4 kids in a room on a screen?.

I’m more tolerant than ever. I am probably more lenient than I have been before, because at this stage of life you need to pick your battles, pick them wisely, almost look out of the box. We have well mannered children, children who haven’t yet brought any real worry or trouble to the house, so whatever we/they are doing it is working. So now it’s a case of hanging on in there, and finishing the ride ?.

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