I’ve been too busy living a very full on life the past month to sadly add to my blog’s.

We are a year on from blogging, and the creation of ‘Keeping it real’ and I wanted to mark the year with a strong and powerful blog.  Infact I want to roll out a #, my own little hashtag I mean ?.

I have looked over my blogs the past few weeks, and some have made me cry.  Re-living a year, well 38 years worth of good and bad times and touching on what makes me tick got me thinking.

what do you see

What is the key to a good blog?

Admittedly I have not hit the big time in the blogging world, and don’t think I ever will.  However, what I have done is opened up and shared.  Most oftenly with a very honest and a not very pretty account of what I believe is the good, bad and ugly.


For this is what most people are afraid off ‘being honest and putting it out there’.  Damn I have told the world I am size 18 even shared a pic of me in my undies ?.  I have shared how I suffer with anxiety and how I often feel overwhelemed.  I have also shared how I can crave company yet still seek silence.  How I hate facebook at times, those people looking in and judging me and never clicking the like button, but still wanting to know more.

When you have spoken out and when you have hit that level of sharing, you know what?  You start getting stronger, you recognise other people are just the same, yet most are too frightened to share.

They are frightened that people will think less of them as person.  They are scared people will think they are showing off.  Oh yes, I’ve heard these comments about me, and felt like this myself, trying and failing at reigning myself in to not be an oversharer.

So what is this hashtag idea all about I hear you asking?  Well it’s simple, it’s a picture of me, or you, a friend or a relative, with the question…

#whatdoyousee ?

So basic in it’s concept.  If I have learned anything from writing my blogs this past year is the feedback recieved from my most honest blogs have touched people the most.

So this got me thinking, I recently had a conversation with a friend.  She was questioning herself as a Mother and as a Wife.  Her confidence was low, she felt fat and frumpy, she spoke about the bags under her eyes, how her new jeans dug into her tummy.  She couldn’t deal with how her body had changed after her 3rd child, she felt completely tired and beat.  That day I looked into her beautiful eyes and I could see none of what she spoke about.  Instead I could see a hard working, honest caring Mother, her hair so natural and thick, rosy cheeks and a gorgeous smile.

I made the decision to tell her what I could see.  Her eyes filled with tears, she needed to hear this, we all need to hear what we can’t see.

How often do you question how you look?  I know I do most days, but how true is it, that other’s see beyond our own insecurities?  So lets tell people.  Take a photo, no make-up (unless you can’t and that’s ok ?), but really you will be amazed.  Yes there are some rotters out there lol, but guess what?  If you’re like me, you’ve already said the painful unkind words in your own head, so they can’t hurt you.  “I have triple chins, I’m fat, black circles under my eyes” it’s a bore tbh lol.

So there it is, a very simple yet amazing and inspiring hashtag.  We all need to give out the compliments and recieve them.  Receiving compliments is something I’m soo bad at doing.  I try and change the subject, make a joke and do anything but say “thank you that means so much”. So it’s one for me to learn from also.

In this photo I am at my most vulnerable.  I debated waiting a week for my cold on my nose to heal over, but dam how does that inspire someone with acne to take a photo, or somone with a birth mark to not cover it with make up?  This is where I’m at.

I’ve had a cold for 2 weeks, lowering my immune system and giving me a coldsore, ugly but true.  I have alot of lovely selfies to choose from.  Various tinting of lights ? angled to perfection, but will this influence what you see?

Yes of course it will.  So lets see beyond it all and tell people what we see from the heart  ?.

Blogging for me is all about sharing and connecting with people on a very personal level.   If I have achieved this from the 30 odd blogs I have wrote this past year, then I achieved everything and more of what I set out to do ?.

Enjoy the hashtag, please share it.  Let’s make people feel good about themsleves.  Saying kind things about people, touch someones heart, make them smile and build them up.


Simple –

Take a photo of yourself, without make up would be amazing, with if it makes you feel more comfortable,

Copy & paste – ???


This is me laid bare.  Please tell me “what do you see?”  See beyond the tired eyes, build me up do not tear me down.

Now tag a friend to join in.  Let’s do one simple act of kindness.  Help that someone that needs this more than we will ever know ?

Thank you ~







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