Every year I do a little round up of our 6 week holiday’s, a honest round up !!

I have decided to do it a little different this year.  I kept a brief diary over these weeks and will share 2 days of very personal thoughts.

2017 school holidays has been one of change.  The age mix of our 5 has been very obvious this year.  The older 4 have pretty much ditched me and Alfie unless it involves free food out, then they are all there ?.  However, visits to the park have been normally me Alfie and Lily.  I think that is because she can’t face the house alone with her older brother’s.

I’ve dealt pretty well with extra children.  Sometines when you add a few more into it,  it actually helps.  The most we had in one day was 11 kids, ?? 6 in the hot tub ?.

My health in the first month was very lowering, and the drag of working from home with lots of children around has been hard.

I don’t feel like I have given them the most exciting of weeks but then as Mother’s do we ever feel like we’ve done enough?  If you work full-time you feel guilty for doing so.  If you work part time you feel stretched in all directions and don’t feel like you are giving either enough.  If you don’t work you grieve for the money you need to do all the nice things, so do we ever win?….

15th August ~ I woke with Steve around 6am.  Sleep these past few weeks hasn’t been good for either of us.  I have never known Steve so unsettled and stressed at work.  He went downstairs at 3am after waking me ?.  Pain is bad in both hips,  I feel like they are bleeding.  A hot water bottle and meds, and Alfies little face helps make life a little better.  At 7am pretty much on the dot he comes in, a few cups of tea and some FB surfing and one by one I hear the older 4 wake.

No real late risers, but I am enjoying the softer starts to the day.  9am feels pretty good.  I ignore the majority of rows, it’s the noise I struggle with the most, I am tempted to wear earplugs ?.

All 5 are home today and it’s raining.  The bank account isn’t looking too grand so no real exciting plans.  I have 3 parcels to wrap and some shopping to get.  Everyone in the world seems to be on holiday, not met up with any friends this past month.  The 1st year I haven’t had any play dates, is it because the kids are older or no one likes me ??

Stop it Stella!  Get up and get motivated.  Get a grip woman, a trip to Grans it is.  Not everyone is delighted with this choice of a activity.  Playing out seems to be the trend of the 12 year olds, and my social butterfly daughter has loved doing so.  So nice really that they can do this with so many lovely friend’s so close.  I have relaxed a little and trusted her, something us Mom’s find so hard to do.  The same with the eldest and his girlfriend, another parenting stage we are experiencing ?.

Park bound, well to the park cafe ? I take 2 cherubs and Mom.  Mom and I have a laugh.  We push Nan around in the wheelchair, make her laugh, eat cake, so the diet is a failure (get through the holiday’s Stella then tackle it, you will be thin?).

6 weeks

Back home, wash on, washing away, feed animals and tidy house.  After leaving kids at home, tell kids at home off, towels on the floor, toilets unflushed, kid still in a blanket, and wearing the same pants for nearly 48 hours ?.  Pack parcels, undercoat stair panels, Beauty & The Beast time for Alfie (4th time this week but that’s ok ?).

Tea prep, mini breakdown as the 100th fight kicks off.  Feel angry and cross with the world, search the net for school shoes (now that’s a mission, 5 pairs to buy ?).

6 weeks

1 pair brought, tea dished up, speak to Steve for 5 minutes.  One to rugby, me to choir, sing and at peace with the world.  Back home, sneaky vodka and diet coke, sort wash, put more washing on, then collapse into bed.  A bit of a nothing day, but I survived it …..

31st August ~ Premier Inn Blackpool Airport.  Squishy bed sadly didn’t stop the pain. Steve slept like a baby, so lovely to have him with us all, he’s worked so hard lately.   7 pile out to the restaurant, big full plate of grub, ignore the crazy amount of pastries eaten, and feel the urge to push the fruit salad, no real takers ?.

The usual “he’s an idiot”, “she’s a witch”, share the parenting this time so even this stress seems less ?.

Blackpool centre bound.  Book in for the circus, Steve and the older 4 go to the Dungeon’s, me and Alfie brave soft play.  Damn its loud but I have wi-fi, so back on the shoe search.  Drag out a sweaty 4 year old, pile into the circus (great move upgrading tickets to the 2nd row, feel pretty smug).  Admire my brood all in a row.  All happy and shovelling popcorn down there necks, loved the circus, successful event.

Classy Greggs visit, a drag around the shops, more shoe shopping (when will it end ?).  Laptop time for Steve, I ignore, he writes up his certificates I enjoy a holiday wine ?.  Meal out, how much ?, I’m sure they should still eat kids meals ? all 5 of them, taxi into the centre.  Mahoosive ice-creams (me and the ice-cream lady nearly loose the will to live with the selection process ? nightmare), throw money into the arcades, laugh and again feel smug on life.  It really is amazing what the help of a 2nd parent and no washing and no cooking for a few day’s can do.

Taxi back, listen to Lily trying to settle the little man (heart melt moment), boy’s watching a film, once again ignore the general noise form their room. Steve a spot more work, today has been a perfectly un-perfect day, and now sleep …..

Pictures, swimming, park day’s, meals out, shopping, playing out, day’s out, baking, sleepovers.  The usual exhausting but yet very different Summer holidays this year.  Broke and knackered, but I’m more than sure I will shed a tear when all 5 are in their School uniforms on Wednesday, for the very 1st and the very last time ?.

6 Weeks – Summer Holidays






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