As the memories of Summer are disappearing into my phones gallery of photos I find myself sucking up the joys of what Autumn days bring.

I have always been a lover of Autumn.  Summer days I like too, but I am not a big fan of the hot days and long Summer evenings.  Yes I know that does make me a bit weird lol ?

My ideal is a warm day, a cold evening and dark night. The slow falling of leaves and the changing colours of trees.  That’s pretty much September.

Yestersay I made a visit to my local park where I grew up, and I had an overwhelming feeling of happiness.  A wave of memories flooded through my body, that nip in the air, the smell of the damp leaves.


I’ve said before how happy my childhood was, and the excitement build up to Xmas was always triggered by Autumn.  As clear as day I can remember holding my Mom’s hand and walking on the walls down to my Nan’s for tea, my little brother running on ahead.  Wearing my shiny new school shoes, warm coats on and fingerless gloves, so happy and carefree, happy, happy days….

The closing of curtains and lighting of fires for me is never depressing or dark.  It’s simply cosy, warm and safe.  I love getting into a cold bed, snuggly pyjamas and fluffy socks ?

Bonfire night was always a big family get together.  Dad would make a big bonfire. Memories of friend and family laughing and chatting.  Setting off fireworks, some not going off ? yummy food, toffee apples, hot dog’s..


With legs crossed I sat on the living room floor, still in my school uniform, I watched my Dad carrying the wood back and forth.  He would tap on the patio door and pull a silly face.  On the telly was ‘the worst witch’, my fave program, sipping on a cup of hot tomoto soup, the anticipation of a night of excitement to come.

These beautiful childhood memories left such impressions on me.  Although my Mom didn’t actually like the dark nights herself, and in the middle of her depression these month’s became a contributing factor to her sadness.

For me they created the opposite.  Magical visits to see Santa in Birmingham, cold and crisp caravan winter walks. The rain and dark days I’m no fan off, but everybody, unless filled with winter germs ? do tend to sleep for longer, a big bonus with 5 kiddies ?.

September I’m  normally knackered from the 6 week’s holidays. However, for me Autumn brings the gentle months.  Happy memories come flooding back, and creating new memories for our children.  Alfie’s birthday is on the 12th October sitting beautifully on his Mom’s favourite time of the year.  The baby of the family fits in just perfectly in Autumns Fall.

So if you struggle with the shorter days and darker evenings and mornings, try and turn things around.  Think of Autumn as a big fluffy blanket, wrap it around yourself, create your own place of relaxation, kick the leaves and spot the squirrels on an Autumn walk.  Light a candle, visit the library, borrow a book, find the softest pair of pyjamas, but most importanly embrace the changes, for the changing season’s are all full of beauty …..








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