I have been looking forward to this bedroom makeover.  Not that I haven’t loved the other room makeovers, but with Alfie being 4, you can still greatly get in the ‘Cute factor’.

Alfie is not a massive fan of any particular t.v program, or super hero so I had a great deal of scope when thinking of room ideas.  I did briefly ask him what he wanted his room like and “cake” was his answer ?.  I did pop his ‘cake book’ in pride of place on his new book shelf, so he kinda of had a touch of cake ?.

The main aim of Alfie’s makeover was to remove the urine smelling carpet.  Alfie has had a potty in his room for over night use if needed.  To be fair he goes to bed around 7pm and isn’t up until 7am, so the system of using the potty in his room if needed has definitely worked.  However, he got into a habit of carrying ?, well trying to carry the potty out to empty it in the morning, hence the stinky carpet.  The new carpet now equals bathroom visits if he needs of a night time wee.

bedroom makeover

He had his room last repainted only a year ago.  I was a little silly and brought animal themed wall stickers.  When little fingers get hold of these, they very easily get unpeeled.  The giraffes had no head’s ? and leaves were flying in clouds, lesson learned on these.

I did my usual searching over Pinterest for themes I liked.  Oddly for me I fell in love with the simple monochrome look.  I also loved all the little quotes etc that could be added for detail.  Then I slipped in a touch of turquoise with the curtains and duvet pic.

I’m a sucker for buying the ‘pretties’ before doing the hard work.  I scanned the net for a duvet set that wasn’t to ‘grown up’, as I did fear the monochrome look could come across as a little older in style.  There was nothing costing under £40, so I did a shout out on a FB craft page, asking if anyone made anything similar, to a few screen shots I had saved.

I so loved doing this, as I know as a crafter, the work that’s involved with such projects, and supporting small businesses, normally Mom’s like me I’m all for.  The owner of the page popped up and I loved her ideas, and fabric samples, all very easy to order.  I decided on a reversible duvet set, one side with clouds, and the other has the gorgeous colourful whale print.  I also sneaked in a 8 flag bunting order, that of course was an essential touch ?.

https://www.facebook.com/madebymarthak/ is the link to the ladies page name.  Including post, my order for the duvet and bunting came in under £40, and I really can’t stress how nicely it has been made.

I was keen to have a book shelf feature, as Alfies room is small, and really is only used for bed, and night time books.  The whole playroom is also Alfie’s, so don’t feel to sad for him ?, but space wise we needed to keep things pretty minimal.

I picked up 4 Ikea shelves from a local selling site.  They work perfectly at the bottom of his bed to hold a selection of books.  The other 3 boxes full are under his bed and will be rotated regularly (when I’m having an organised day ?).

These shelves are around £5 from eBay so not too costly.  £10 2nd had was even better.  The black and white prints I also had made from a lady on Facebook for £15 posted.  I have framed 2 and one I mounted on the wall using my fave washi tape.  It doesn’t mark the walls and makes art very versatile as pictures can be moved around.  The 4th pic I may have to keep for Alfie’s door as I have run out of space ?.

Foe the Carpet we opted for grey, to match up with the recent 2 room makeovers.  Again we purchased this as an end of roll, saving £££’s.  His centre black pendant light was from Wilkinson, I love their lighting selection, and at £7.50 you can’t go wrong.

I had a search for a small fabric themed set of drawers, and they were proving expensive in my fave Homesense.  So I ended up in my faithful HomeBargains, these hold Alfie’s pyjamas and socks perfectly.  £16.99 and available in Nancy blue, white, I opted for the khaki theme ?.

On the wall behind Alfie’s bed we repapered in a bold star print wallpaper and I love it.   I kinda overdid the little shelves but he loves his soft toys and this seemed a good place to showcase a few.  The little shelves were again from HomeBargains at just £5.  The lovely feather themed picture was from ‘The Range’ just £3.99.  It brought out the turquoise so nicely, and was another very soft touch for a still little man.

We kept his original wardrobe, but brought new curtains and blind, both from Wilkinson.  The curtains are blackout lined but do seem a little bright.  I’m  not sure if it’s because the blind isn’t against the window, so we have had a few early morning wakes this week ?.  I may need to sew more lining to the backs.  I really believe in a dark room to promote good sleep with little people.

A lovely little bedroom makeover, and all done in around 2 days.  Bring on the hall stairs and landing, now that’s a slog of a job. ???~

Bedroom Makeover – Alfie Steve’s

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