Ah a life with a big family, how do I explain what’s it’s like?  Well I chose a good day to attempt it, I’m so tired today.  I often get days when I’m cream crackered and it’s not until I sit and think about what I have done in my day to make me feel as tired, that I realise I’m a Mom to 5 children.


All families have the daily jobs that need to be done to run a house efficiently.  These are the same with a bigger family only there is just a lot more of them ?.  As they grow into young adults the jobs seems to get more, like the amount of food they eat and the increase in the daily washing.

My day normally starts at 7am.  I probably should get up before 7am, Steve does, I think that’s for his half an hour of peace ?.  My bodys alarm clock is pretty much switched off until then, and if you choose to alter that pattern be warned ??.

I wake with a cuppa brought to me by Mr Weston, bliss.  I have a 5 minute cuddle with Alfie, and it’s then sort the lunch box time.  The lunch boxes are made up the night before, then in the mornings I just add sandwiches and drinks to 4 school bags.  I’m not particularly quick at waking and often give the wrong child the wrong sandwich.  Giving the jam sandwich to the non jam lover can create quick a stir ?.

Then it’s dash some food for the animals and make breakfast for the 4 year old.   Next I will fly upstairs and put away the 2/3 loads of washing from the day before.  My little washing routine means I normally get a wash on before the school run.

After it is then time to dress the mini man (not Steve ?).  At the same time I normally have to break up a few fights, find the gel (it’s lost daily ?), fold the bathroom towels at least 3 times and do the princesses hair.  I then brush my own teeth and throw some clothes on, and we’re off on the nursery run for 8.15am.  You can guarantee an older one will blag a lift, and normally forget a bag.

I’m home for 8.45am and I have a quick tidy round following the after math of the school run.  Next, shovel down a bowl of Weetabix and slurp a large cup of coffee.  I then go into the zombie state of ‘shall I have an extra 5 minutes watching Lorraine or face the day ahead?’ ?.  I can’t always guarantee I’m eager to do the latter.

However, I’m normally on it for 9.30am at the latest.  Beds pulled over, I wash sheets every other week so seem to be on a never ending 6 day bed cycle.  Hang out or air the first wash load, prepare orders, send invoices or simply paint for a broken few hours.

It’s not always joyous working at home, the house distractions are all around.  I pick Alfie up at 12.45pm, then live in hope he will be entertained for an hour with a movie, so I can continue to paint and start on my 2nd wash load.  Then I tumble dry off the mornings wash.  Even on warmer days 5 minutes in there prevents the ironing ?.’Wash, dry, fold and repeat’ is my motto.

Food for me is a very rushed affair.  It normally coincides with my daily ‘insta’ photos of my mornings work.  It’s all very professional whilst I chop Alfie a fruit bowl, and dip me a crabstick in vinegar ??.  Oh the life….

Post office run, wash up, sink wipe down and a quick hoover, and the older 4 are home. Like an atomic bomb they hit!  School bags emptied, washed for the next day, water bottles refilled, all nagged to remove uniforms, and move school shoes into a reasonable place and ensure they are not all littered through the kitchen.

The 2nd wash completed and all folded and re-loaded ready for tomorrows mass put away.  Then depending on club times (some start at 6pm ?) I get the tea on.  Pretty much come rain or shine, tea is ready for 5pm, normally just as Mr Weston walks in.  Tea is never a peaceful affair with 7.  No one talks in our house, it’s always a whole lot of shouting and generally wanting to be heard.

We then tag team the kitchen, load the dishwasher, and start the packed lunch cycle.  Then it’s whisk a child or children off to various clubs, whilst remembering water bottles, goalie gloves, gum shields, or often forgetting them ?.

The parent left in charge at home will check uniform for the next day.  In these recent hot weeks I have washed around 20 shirts a week, as sweaty hot teenagers aren’t the kindest on the nose.  Alfie’s in bed for 7pm, after his daily bath and books.

All the time these jobs are being undertaken it’s noisy here.  I’m talking school disco levels, and the rows are unbelievable.  We do not resemble the ‘Vontrap family’ ??.

So we go through, 4 pints of milk a day, a loaf of bread, a tube of toothpaste a week, a washing up liquid bottle a week, 3 kitchen rolls, 10 loo rolls, a bottle of softner, a box of washing powder, 20 plus chocolate bars, the same with crisps, a pack of bananas/apples a day….

You get the jist it’s quite extreme.  You take a day off from these duties and they can build up around you like a high rise block of flats  So for me it’s a case of sticking to the daily trug of the routine because it works.  It may be near army levels, but nothing less than hard work is sadly the only answer to being a parent to a large brood.  On days like today though, when I’m that knackered, I need little in the way of reminder why?


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Life with a big Family

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