Jack – The Changing Years

For those of you who have never met Jack I want to describe him to you so you get a good idea of the person he is, the man I feel he’s turning into. ~

At 5ft 9, he’s slim built, but musclar.  He has a full head of very naturally wavy blonde/brown hair.  A beautiful very chisled jaw line (something he’s very proud of lol), and he’s currently on month 3 of wearing a full brace.  His teeth weren’t really the issue, it was more the overbite, but typical Jack style he’s took it on the chin and is getting on with it.

He takes great care in his appearance.  He does his own workouts at home and trains very hard at rugby.  His fitness level is immense (just like his Mom’s ?), the kid has this sheer level of determination and  grit to push himself forward, and be the best he can be.

Jack made his mind up very early on as to what he likes to wear and is very fashion conscious.  He loves a designer label but is happy to mix it with a ‘Primarni’ buy.  He reminds me very much of my brother in many ways.  However, he is confident in wearing his own style and generally rocking it, not necessarily always changing his boxer’s, but he is a typical teenager.  ???

I would describe Jack as a ‘drifter’.  I have chosen this word because recently when we lived through the rather traumatic experience of the triplets starting High School.  After them losing pretty much every item of uniform, I looked back on Jack’s journey, and realised just how much of a breeze he has made these life experiences look.

Nursery, infant’s and now high school, he started each without an issue.  Not once have I been called in to speak to a member of staff about his behaviour.  We did have one willy showing incident in reception ? but at 5 he was forgiven.

Gromits fitted when he was younger, lip splits and recently having 4 teeth out, he floated through it.  The daily paper round, Duke of Edinburgh Award and the crazy amount of daily revision he’s doing, he simply gets on with it.  He’s intense, and always has been.  If the kid has an idea he won’t shut up, or give up on it.  If he thinks it will work or be beneficial to him ? tent nights, extra hair cuts, room changes, he simply drives me nuts until he gets his point over or his way, god help his girlfriend. ?

This level of almost OCD is going to be what makes him.  As I know, whatever path he chooses, whether it’s a physical rugby career or technical electronics, he will achieve it.  His self belief is there and his obsessive attitude to work is too.

He’s not perfect, but who is?  His ‘mouth’ at home gets him into trouble often.  With his not always kind words, and his ability to pick up on others weaknesses.  I often tell him by doing this he makes them his own weaknesses, and he’s very lazy lol.  Perhaps it’s because he knows his Mom will pick up his dirty washing and move his school shoes, we do seem to have a daily battle over these tasks.  I do struggle to not lose it with him when I see how hard he works in every other area of his life.

As he turns 15 tomorrow, I look back on how demanding and how sad he was as a tiny baby.  I couldn’t cope with just how much he cried, it was constant.  He had chronic reflux that took years to control, but his strength was evident then.  He didn’t nap and would wake 10/15 times a night.  The kid was a machine.  We laugh now as we call him ‘the machine’ in rugby, he’s a tackler and can tackle time and time over, rarely tiring.

How do you put that sort of strength in a child?  I don’t think you can. He has been born with something very special.  I just hope he continues to use it to his advantage, and for the good of others.  I’ve seen this recently and felt my heart burst with pride.  He finished his own training then went back to help someone struggling.  He stayed with them to help them complete and achieve, he has a good heart.

Jack Thomas Weston, you are going to go to do wonderful things.  Your Dad and I are very proud of you.  Work on the laziness and curb the tongue, and you my boy will turn into a Man with everything. ?~

15 years on my pregnancy song which I played when expecting you seems ever more appropriate, Labi Siffre “something inside so strong”. ~

The Changing Years

5 Replies to “Jack ~ The Changing Year’s ”

  1. Our children certainly bring out every single emotion we possess! And pride in your children shines through ❤️ I am lucky also to have immense pride in the men my two boys have turned out to be, and my eldest is about to become a parent himself. I hope I taught him well!

  2. You are a wonderful family like the Waltons (well, there are 7 of you)
    It is heartwarming to hear the family life of the Weston’s.
    True and Honest account of the life and times.
    Many congratulations Jack on your Birthday with such pride being extended to you.
    Well done you. You are all a credit to your fabulous parents , grandparents and friends.
    Much love to you all. XX

  3. Another brill blog Stel. Our Jack is turning into a crackin young man who your dad and I love to bits. Totally understand how proud you are of your eldest-you continue to amaze us every day! Xx

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