The warmth of the early February sun hit my cheek as it glared through the playroom glass.  The heat was enough to make me simply close me eye’s.

I have discovered the relaxing almost chilling sounds of ‘Eva Cassidy’ and the soft tunes filled the air.  As I get older I am very much discovering what is needed to repair the mind and body.

January has been a rough month not so much physically but more mentally.  A tale I can’t share with you at this point, but one in years to come.  I will document in a book ? but let’s say it shocked us all. Mom has been poorly and it seems to have been a long hard slog of a month.

So how do you battle on to what could be as equally as hard of a month?  Well as I said above, ensure you soak up those good times.  It’s so hard often to ‘see the wood’s for the trees’.

In the majority of times/situations, there is something good you can enjoy or focus on.  Like the warm spring sunshine beaming through the glass, the picture your child drew, or the £1 bunch of daffodils.

These things we so often take for granted, but when times are a little dark it’s good to refocus on them.  Yes alcohol and bad food give the same kick, and I’m equally as guilty of enjoying the fast fix solutions to feeling better.  However, we all know how quick that can turn to an addiction.

So finding your trigger points to restore your inner peace is vital.  Music is one trigger to get the endorphins flowing.  Nothing better than belting a good tune out, or like me silently reflecting on more calming tunes.

Organisation is also key.  If I know I have things to sort, my mind becomes a mess.  The problems or often pretty simple tasks that are in my mind get blown out of proportion, so do a ‘to do list’.  Tackle them one by one, often I do a list and the issues I can’t tackle get added to the next weeks list ?.  Eventually I work through them.  How often do we put something off? That one tricky form to complete, we leave until the last minute.  Then when we finally get round to doing it we regret not doing it weeks before.  Hands very much in the air on this one, guilty as charged ?.

I have started a ‘Family Planner Chart’ this week.  I recognise some weeks our family time is pretty limited.  So the aim of the chart is to introduce a few events in the week involving the 7 of us getting together, or perhaps a some one to one time, e.g. Mom and Daughter cake out.

Having so many boy clubs, I realise my one to one time with the pink one can be hard to grab some weeks.  I am not super Mom, and I am aware we don’t run a perfect ship, so introducing the chart will I hope address any family downfalls.

You have to keep trying and most importantly, pick yourself up, dust yourself down and get going at life in perhaps more of a gentle fashion.  You can’t tackle the world, some days I can’t even tackle the washing ?.  But the day after I may feel stronger, more mentally prepared for things, and that’s ok, some days we win at life and others we just exist.  I call them ‘get through it’ days.

I picture my comfy chair, warm blanket, hot tea, then I get my head down and get on with it.  Some days are not worth documenting, but those that are, shout them from the rooftops.

It’s ok to have a good cry, to talk out your worries, or to write them down.  What ever is the best way you feel to deal with them,  just move on from them and heal.  No point in burying them in some dark place, because we all know they will at some point in life rear there very ugly heads.

Next time that sun hits your face, take a minute to let it in and soak up that moment.  For a calmer person deals with problems that life throws at them so much better than the stressed, angry person ❤~



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