This years plan for making over as many rooms as we crazily can is well under way.  We have completed the lounge, and Lily’s room, now its time to hit the 15 year olds room.

By all means I don’t claim to run an interior blog or live in a perfectly styled home, not at all ??.

 room makeover

I simply enjoy a makeover and like to share my regular sales purchases.  I also like to follow a few similar blogs and when I see a little project on the go it inspires me.  If I inspire you to whip out a paintbrush and take on the challenge of a room makeover well that’s pretty fab ?.

Jack has a fairly small room.  It is big enough for the essentials, but design wise you are limited.  His room was previously designed around a New York theme, and it was just time for a freshen up, a coat of paint, new carpet etc.



He chose a brick theme wallpaper for the back wall.  I hung the paper, I’m getting pretty good at it now, with the help of my paste boy of course ?.  Because of the size of the room we opted for a lighter shade of brick, modern and bright, the other walls we just painted in B&Q’s.

He was pretty uncomplicated, unbelievably for a teenager, and was happy with the accessories I added.  I made up a box canvas with the quirky “Home is where your wi-fi connects automatically”, pretty much sums up the kids priorities at home ?.

room makeover

The wooden wigwam shelf was purchased from ‘The Range’ and was £6.99.  It’s a great little shelf for a mobile and his fab digital clock that’s a fan, how cool is that (avalaible at most gadget shops)?

The curtains we kept, as the silver/grey worked well.  We fitted a new venetian blind, that allows for better ventilation than a roller blind and looks more apt, from “wilkinson” for around  £10.

Carpet we replaced for a new deep grey pile.  We got this for a great price from a local carpet shop.  Always ask to see the end of rolls they have avalaible.  This carpet was less than a £100 well worth checking especially for smaller rooms.

room makeover


We then purchased a ‘Next’ desk from eBay.  It’s a little smaller than a standard desk so that worked well.  The pin board on the back was an added bonus, GCSE revision notes fit on perfectly.

Jack was keen to add some quirky touches to the room.   So when I came across the scaffolding shelf I thought this was the perfect urban touch, so chunky and solid.

It’s a great space to display his rugby trophy’s. Also check out the artificial cactus, he can’t kill that ?.  The shelf holds his cool handmade glasses/phone holder.  I love this little project he designed at school, think he could roll this one out ?.

The mirror is from ‘Homesense’.  I loved the leather strap, such a simple and lovely shape, the lad is a poser so needed a good mirror ??.

The blue check bed linen is from ‘Wilkinson’.  Nice and fresh, the little touches like the pearly button door knobs help to tie the look together.


So that is another room makeover on a budget nearly completed.  He still wants a shoe rack to display his trainers, and I want to add another light feature.  This one has been fun.

Time to roll on to the next project, Alfie Steve’s room.  The main aim to replace the ‘pee stinking’ carpet ??.  Bring it on!

JT’s Room MakeOver

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