The Mad Flower Woman, that’s me.

I once overheard someone describe me as the “Chatty woman who always wears flowers” pretty good description I felt.

Now I don’t claim to be a hippy and I don’t have an urge to talk to you about plants and flowers on a daily basis, and run through the fields singing in my flowery gown.

However, flowers for me are such a big part of who I am.  I even named my daughter after one ?? “Lily Marie”.
mad flower woman

Our home is filled with them.  It’s a good job Mr Weston is so placid when it comes to our home decor, as we have flower wallpaper in most rooms, to include the kitchen, lounge, playroom and our bedroom ?

mad flower woman

In the rooms that are not decorated with flowers directly on the walls, I have them on wall prints or in vases.  I don’t consciously plan to do this I’m simply drawn to them.

My favourite places to buy from are Cath Kidston and Laura Ashley.  I first discovered Cath Kidston in 2005.  I fell in love with her dreamy flowery prints. I was brought a purse and as a result I was then hooked.

Over the years I have themed rooms in Cath Kidston designs.  I was addicted, her makes are scattered throughout my home.  We have blankets, plates and mugs a plenty ?.  I still love her designs, but the price tags, I have sadly watched these rise over the year’s, making them treats rather than essentials, her mid season sales are definitely worth a look for a sneaky saving.

I now use her prints to decoupage my jars over at Bella’s.  The ditsy flowery prints are my absolute favourites.

I loved making this Cath Kidston decoupaged jar especially when it matched my pretty lunch plates ?

I’ve shared a very similar love affair with Laura Ashley.  In our first home I saved for Laura Ashley curtains, and that’s continued over the year’s.  I can stand in her store and salivate over the prints ?

Favourite flowers I have many.  Lillies, roses, tulips and peonies are just a few.  The old saying “I would rather wear flowers in my hair, than diamonds around my neck” is very true to me.  I have no real precious jewellery except my very simple wedding band and engagement ring.  Now give me a flower delivery and the joy I get from a weeks beauty is more pleasure than a new piece of jewellery any day ?

Fragrances are very similar.  The only perfume that seems to last on me is Estee Lauder “pleasures”, a delicate yet feminine floral boquet and I love it ?

Furthermore, my wardrobe even runs a very similar theme.  It’s not my plan to kit myself out in full on flower print, but my scarves, tops and the odd sneaky pair of leggings has crept in over the year’s.

So what is it that captures me?  I’ve said before I’m a dreamy “Pisces”.  The romance of flowers and their very natural beauty, the beautiful colours that as an artist I so love to paint.

I’ve often thought I need to plan a room design with no flowers involved.  I’m sure I would just fail.  The bathroom started off with white, and Grey’s, and now the odd flowery towel has simply crept in ?.


But in this very opinionated world we live in, we almost drift away from who we really are.  It’s sad to see the uniform of black clothes that make us look slimmer being chosen by the majority.

One by one we all become the same.  Who wants to be the same ? not me.  I love a bit of crochet, a flowery tile, and matching throw, this is me why hide away from it?

The lesson of self acceptance is understanding what makes us happy, and embracing it.  Well I love flowers in every form! The beauty of them captures me, and I’m not afraid to use them.

So in my tea shop, that I will eventually own, you will see Cath Kidston flowery wallpaper as far as the eye can see. Every table will have flowers in little vases, or even better in China tea cups.  I may even sell them, only I think parting with them every day may be a bit of a challenge ?.

The flower photo overload in this blog I simply can’t apologise for ?~

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