Not as exciting as the title ?

Putting it out there? I recognise greatly that I like to put it out there.  ‘Out there’ being ‘Social Media’, I would be lying if I didn’t admit the fact I like to share.

putting it out there

And why do I have this compelling need to share every detail of my life with the masses?  I love the pretty photos and be happy posts.  However, as many of you have seen, I will also share my sad and bad days.

So much of my life is built around honesty.  It’s one of my key qualities I look for in a person, and strive so hard to be.  An honest person laid bare to the world doesn’t have anything to hide from.

That doesn’t always mean they are living the happy life.  It just means they are ‘keeping it real’.  How often do you log on FB and see the same people posting the happy holiday snaps, and continuous living the dream images?  Go ahead share them, but really is your life that perfect?

Yet recently I’ve had the “Oh you don’t want to share when your not well?” and “Did you really dance when the kids went back to school?”.  Hell yes, I’m honest, this is real life, the ups and downs and the in betweens.

I have encountered many people holding on to secretive plans and some living secretive lives.  It is dangerous and has an element of sneakiness about it.  I have a number of close friends, and you will always have the one you know has something going on they just won’t share.

Yes they have a right to hold back, not everyone is an open book.  However, that element of letting go and trusting is a quality many people would benefit from exploring.

What I struggle greatly with is the ‘lurkers’.  I can’t quite get my head around these people.  I am surrounded by them.  They see pretty much every element of my life but don’t like a single photo, or can’t be arsed to give me a hello on the playground.

“It’s only social media” many will say, but yes as previously stated you are seeing me laid bare.  Why not give me a wave, a like, anything basically, as I am honest but not open for public humiliation.

I bumped into a lady recently who was able to have a full blown conversation about me and my family.  Only afterwards I realised this lady was living my life through my sharing ?.  In the 3 years I had known her, not once had she acknowledged me with a comment, like, or message.  Infact, I nearly clicked the dreaded ‘unfriend’ button a few times, but decided as she was a happy sole I would hold on to her.

But it did leave me thinking, how much is to much?  I run FB pages, do lives, instagram and instagram stories.  We are at pretty much fly on the wall levels.

I follow on a daily basis a number of peoples stories over on Instagram.  I mainly follow on here, as lately FB is a bit of a bore.  Facebook has pretty much the same people sharing, the same people lurking.

Do I watch these ladies stories for a laugh? To criticise?  No, it’s because I feel like I know them.  They have opened themselves up for people to see, and I love to pop by daily and see what they have been up to.  I see their faces as they chat through events they are all going through, and I can emphasise, relate to them, it’s real, not the perfect selfie, real shiz,

Yes I’m guilty of sharing.  Is it to much for you?  If yes that’s fine, don’t look, scroll on by.  If you like what you see and it makes you feel more confident to share, feel more normal, then that’s the aim, to normalise social media, to make it more real.  I want to drag those lurkers from behind the curtains and embrace a situation/photo with a comment “so lovely to see you happy” be nice it feels good.

Nothing is better than sharing another’s joy.  I re-go over this often, but it really is a key part to your own happiness and journey, jealousy is such an ugly trait.

putting it out there

Be happy for the person who achieved their goal weight or went on their holiday.  Is this not what we share for?  At the same time you do get to a point when you say I’m forever giving with nothing in return?

Perhaps I am getting tougher in my old days, but for me I have hit a point where the love needs to be mutual.  It’s draining to forever be the trier.  If I have liked your every photo, and I hear and see nothing in return, should you really be privileged to share my life and world? The answer is of course a big fat NO, you then become a stranger…

I had no plan to this blog.  It really was a ‘this is me here and now’.  Almost a justification, an explanation on my own thoughts about social media.  I don’t claim to be right, in any way or form, just don’t always think the over sharer is the one in the wrong, because somewhere out there is the lurker ?~ #keepingitreal

Putting It Out There


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