Yes this one has took a while.  Undercoating and re glossing all 9 door frames, stair spindles and hall panelling became a labour of love.

We last decorated the hall stairs and landing just 4 years ago.  However, with bikes coming through daily, and little hands up and down the stairs it very quickly took its toll.  It was previously painted in a pale grey and baby blue, so although both light colours I was amazed how bright it became with my ‘sugar white’ paint from B&Q.  This was an expensive one coat paint, that I managed to find in the sale bin for £20.

I had great fun creating the photo wall at the bottom of the stairs, I wanted the photos in sepia.  So I had them printed from Max Spielman for 50p each print, and frame’s were from Wilkinsons, £4 each.  The mirror I have had some years ago from Next but it’s still a fave.


The rag hanging (Steve described as a mop lol), I loved from Facebook, simple yet chic ?.  The 2 small box pictures are from ‘Clintons’ card shop, and were around £3 each in the sale ❤.

The little fairies are from Facebook, again supporting small online businesses is something I love to do.  They are both are a few years old and I get complimented on them often, who doesn’t love a fairy? ?

The lights we picked up from ‘Homebase’, £30 each.  I loved how pretty and delicate they were.  We just hope they last with the 5 kids ?, probably not the most practical but very pretty, but a little low ?.

Also I picked up 5 large ceramic tiles from ‘B&Q’ at 17p each in the sale.  I had no idea where to put them, but they kinda worked nicely placed randomly on the stair panelling.  It’s something a little bit different, good old silicone has worked well keeping them in place.

The modern radiator cover was from a Facebook selling page for £25.  It tied in nicely with the lines on the tiles.

I’m photo mad and this was a down scale on my part ?.  I picked up some new frames from ‘The Range’.  The little peg style one was just £5.  I love the idea of changing it regularly.  Some frames are from car boot sales and some decorations are recycled.  I kept all the walls the same colour, and wallpapered the 2 walls at the top of the stairs.

I picked up this lovely, again very retro vibed wallpaper paper from B&Q.  It was reduced to £8.99 a roll.  It tied in well with the tiles etc, pinks and gold/brown shades are calming and quite neutral.

Next on the list is the playroom makeover.  I reckon it will be easier than this project ?.  The height on the stairs and the angles for the wallpapering definitely made this one a tricky project, but who doesn’t like a challenge??

The One That Took A While

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