Lately, perhaps as I grow older, I recognise the importance of that 4 letter word ‘Time’.
It is so powerful in its own sense.  We all wish the days away, in fact at some point in our lives we wish the years away.

I was desperate to buy a car, get married, to own my own house, have a child.  Don’t get me wrong I’ve enjoyed my journey the majority of the time.  However, it dawns on me daily just how quick our lives flash before our eye’s, and the longing to go back and visit some of these past events, places, and people can be overwhelming.time

When I think of my Nan, who has recently turned 85, I am filled with such strong and powerful memories.  Memories of Nan catching the bus to visit us when we were poorly, her making Sunday night tea, having a little dance together in my kitchen, walking up Bearwood to fetch cakes for my multiples club.  Then, in a blink of an eye (it feels), she is sadly no longer able to walk without assistance.  How did that time go by so quickly and so cruely?  Yes I know she’s at a wonderful age, but seeing the demise of a person can be so hard to witness.  Yet we are recognisably blessed to still get the time with her.

Embracing the time change isn’t always easy, yet we all do it day in day out.  The babies we can’t wait to get through teething are quickly onto solids, and then before you know it they start nursery then school.

Over 4 years Alfie has been at home with me.  He is 5 in October and he starts full-time school in September.  Perhaps because I knew he was my last I’ve hugged him a little longer, and kept him younger far more than the other 4 children.

He still calls me ‘Momma’, bless him, and I can’t quite come to terms with saying it’s just “Mom” son ?.

Everything with your youngest seems sweeter than with your first born.  You some how know you won’t be reading the bedtime stories for much longer.  I know I won’t be in control of what he wears for much longer, or walking together and holding his small hands.  This little quote hangs around in my head often “enjoy today for tomorrow isn’t promised”.  So true and so powerful you may think,  but it’s so natural for us to rush through the working day to get home to chill, or to wish the weekend here to party.  We never quite stop and live for the here and now.

My Mom who suffers daily with pain, yes, sadly, daily ? and often is knocked off her feet and totally drained with varying horrid complaints, had a good few health days recently.  She made such a beautiful comment about “these being the good days”.  At first I was confused by her statement as we were not on holiday or not at a party, in fact it was all quite ‘normal’.  However, then when I thought about that hour, that day, it made perfect sense,

She was feeling well, we had just shared a family BBQ, and the weather was good.  Also Nan was stable, not better but stable, we had all watched the crazy kids having a water fight, shared good food, and chatted.  It was a shared sense of appreciation of the ‘normal’, that we all so often take for granted.

Bad health can drain the life out of you.  There is no denying it and if you have a chronic condition whatever it is you will get it.  Then the days you feel good are so much sweeter.

Again perhaps it’s an age thing, but the simplicity of life seems to be appreciated more.  They say “youth is wasted on the young”, and its so right.  The energy and zest we crave, I can’t remember the last time I woke after a full nights sleep, feeling rejuvenated with a spring in my step ?.

Another classic you hear from people is “oh I wish I had more time”.  Again this is so true, you never have enough time.  I’m forever going to find the time to polish, odd how I never do ?, but the important stuff, how do we get that right?

The hours, the minutes, the seconds just simply drain through our fingers.  How do we make them count?  It is not always possible, but I have so many people in my life who I  admire and they just seem to get that time balance.  They work, exercise, socialise and have family time.  I’m sure if I asked them to give me an honest account of how they felt they dealt with their time management, they would say they don’t spend enough time in some area.

Are people who manage their time well more successful in life?  I suppose it depends on what you deem successful to be.  Back to my parents again, neither have wonderful jobs, neither drive new cars.  But they chose to give their time to us as children.  Walking us to school, making home cooked food, school plays, and days out.  They gave us their time in large quantities.  Their time choice gave us security and love, and I believe that to be more than successful.

So there it is, a mix of a blog all centring around that magic word ‘time’.  So depleating, so exhausting, yet so precious.  I want to slow down the good days and suck in every detail, and savour them.  Why waste time on the silly things, the things that aren’t important?

I want to make time count.  Most importantly get that balance right, and man I want to enjoy it, for life/time is precious, and denied to so many ?~




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  1. Oh my goodness Stella, how beautiful and apt. Choosing what you do In the minutes that slip by everyday is a challenge.
    Fortunately some days we get the balance right.
    What do you do with polish??
    As always much love to all your beautiful family. XXXXXXXXXX

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