The vision I had of being a Mother is a little different to the reality, I had no idea just how loud my house would be and just how demanding the job would be, being a mother to 5 children, and really trying to do a good job of it all is a demanding task, it takes so much patience to deal with one argument then another, I load the washer then make a bed, put washing away then make breakfast, the list of my day would be a whole blog ?
But even on my darkest of days when I simply feel like I’m done (at least once a month) I know I would never quit this role, it’s my bag and they are my squad and I would never give up on them, I do now realise the importance of taking regular breaks to re build that patience, and I’ve learned to ignore so many things, to make my own life simpler,
they say no one teaches you to be a Mother, but I do believe that the influence of your own Mother is one of the most important role models in your life, sadly not always for the best reasons I also realise ?
My own Mother is some what of an angel she really is ❤~
My Mom had me young at 21, I was born into a loving relationship, my childhood was pretty magical, I had a young brother Marc who was born when I was 2, I adored him, Mom was there for everything for us, something I try to do for my children, I can’t stand to miss a school play, I take them to the dentist/doctors/opticians they are my jobs,
I found leaving her very difficult, when I started school, I would cry for her and tell them my ears were bleeding so I could go home ? The pain I felt when I was away from her was crazy, I wouldn’t go to any clubs as I would miss her too much, I was the perfect description of a “Mommy’s girl”,

I’ve always told her everything, and I mean everything ? the poor woman has been given detail of every part of my life, because I trust her with my every word, her kindness and selfless ness I admire the most, she really would do anything for anyone, the most important thing she gives everyone is her time,
for hours as a child we would play games with her, she would attempt to teach me maths, plait my hair, and now at 37 we can chat and laugh, or sit in silence, once a week I go round on an evening for a foot massage, we catch up on a program we both love, normally baby related ? I never tire of spending time with her,
but like everyone in this world we have our differences in options, we haven’t had many cross words over the years but when we do it hurts and stings like no other pain, we normally both cry, and have to forget it very quickly and move on, Mom’s a Leo so although she has the biggest of hearts she is feisty and has no filter at times ?
So Mothers Day is a time to reflect on so many roles that influence our life’s, we are a woman strong family, my Nan is every bit the description of what a “Nan” is, with failing health at 84, her love shown to us grandchildren/great-grandchildren is endless, the joy I see in watching her play with Alfie is overwhelming,

I have amazing Aunts, my Auntie Yvonne always there for us again giving her time and generally always checking in on us, my Mother in-law Margaret gave me my amazing husband, and is always a phone call away, beautiful friends sharing our mothering journey together, all these women bring support and strength when you feel like Just running away, the amount of hugs I’ve had recently from friends who just “get you” is humbling,
I salute you all, I will continue to learn from all that influence me, and take the advice, and the love when importantly needed, and I hope my own daughter is Inspired by her Mom, after all, there is no perfect in this world, we all just need to be the best we can ❤~

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