I wasn’t adding an entry this evening but I have been banished to the playroom; Mr Weston has taken control of the T.V and I can’t stand an evening of football, so a tale between me and you it is.
I’ve always been kids mad, I would always find a toddler to help look after when we went on holidays abroad, I must have been a parent’s dream. ? It was the same when I left school – I trained to be a nursery nurse, I always knew I would be a Mother and I always knew it wouldn’t come easy; I was right.
Just after getting married in 2000 we started trying for a baby; as a child my girly monthlys never behaved. ? I would go months without one, so it was obvious things wouldn’t be easy. It wasn’t the romantic mid month “oh let’s try”, it was a constant ” I could be pregnant”. I was convinced I was always pregnant; I didn’t buy a test, I brought many, because I never knew where I was. After a year of this game, I went to the docs, he did bloods and confirmed I wasn’t ovulating; no big shock tbh. So he gave me a script for Clomid; 5 pills in three packs, take 1 on days 1-5 of your cycle. He even gave me a pill to start the cycle; we had a plan, simple….
The 3 months rolled by, I knew after the second month things just weren’t working so I booked our first fertility appointment at the Priory Clinic West Midlands.
We had a good chat with the consultant and he told us we would be suitable for IVF, he asked me when my last monthly was, “5 weeks ago”, I said. He asked if I had done a pregnancy test, “no”, I replied. “I know I am not pregnant”. “Before we can start the IVF journey, we need to rule it out”. We walked across to the main building; casually chatting. I did a sample and we both sat in the waiting room, minutes later he came back in. We watched as he spoke to the other 4 couples and asked them to leave, he sat by us both and simply told us “you don’t need to start IVF, you’re already pregnant”. We both sat in shock, how could I not know I was pregnant? I had waited all my life for this and I never knew ?
He suggested I had an internal scan to see how far I was. Shaking from head to toe, he inserted the probe scan. And there he was, a tiny little blob, “come back next week and he should have a heart beat”, he was dated at 5 weeks. The following week was the longest week of my life, we walked out in total shock; we were ready to start a journey we no longer needed to go on.
1 week later we were back, tears rolled down my face as he announced that he did have a heart beat; we were going to have a baby, and oh my days how our life was going to change. At 22, I would become a Mom for the first time.
I had the pregnancy from hell; massive pregnancy anxiety, constantly and I mean constantly checking for a bleed; I drove myself nuts. I developed Cholestasis of the liver, itching drove me insane, total torture. Then at 35 weeks, I developed pre-eclampsia – this precious baby was killing me. The checks became daily and at 36 plus 5; 21/6/2002, his birth date arrived.
I woke that morning with an upset tummy; England were in the quarter finals; an early game. Mom came over as I was pretty ill, the midwife arrived around lunch. I had swollen all over, my face, body and all, my B.P was 140/110 and she said “Mrs Weston, today you’re having your baby”. I was adamant I wasn’t but she knew he needed to be out.
Steve got to the hospital at tea time, I had been induced and was sent down for a cuppa and to chill in the canteen. I knew something wasn’t right; little man was going mad, he was wriggling around and seemed to be panicking. I went back to the room and demanded the heart monitor on him, “have a bath ” the midwife said, “no I need him checked something isn’t right” I said. Within minutes, things changed; his heart rate was racing, forms were signed and at a 100 miles an hour, I was taken to theatre for an emergency c-section.
Just before midnight, on the longest day of the year, Jack Thomas Weston was born. A tiny 5lb baby was handed to me; he looked like a baby bird. I had gained so much weight yet he was so tiny, the placenta had been failing and he had been starved of food for some time. They placed him to my breast and he was so strong and fed like a trooper. 3 days I stayed in high dependency, I was poorly, he was fine, I was swollen all over and my kidneys took some time to recover.
He lost a little weight; went down to 4lb 10, as we established feeding. I had issues with him not growing inside me and was more than determined to feed him myself. Looking back, I wish I had given him a bottle as it was sooo hard to feed him, he was so tiny and tired so easily and my boobs were bigger than his head. ? 3 months of Mom’s milk and he was strong. I mention his strength because this kid was never tired, he was a machine; I even had his new baby photo taken with me standing up holding him as he cried so very much.
For 3 years on and off, this kid didn’t sleep. This precious child I had longed for pushed us both to the edge. Mom had him sleep over, she was shocked by him; it wasn’t just us. We attended a sleep clinic and some meds were prescribed; it was an extreme measure and I hated giving it him. Infact the first night I gave it him, I thought we had killed him and took him to A&E. The doctor said we had just ruined the best sleep we could have had. These meds changed our life, the routine we needed was set, and I do believe Jack was sent to prepare us for triplets. Infact the three of them did not tire us like he did, now that’s mad!
Now at nearly 15, he’s still as strong as an ox, (but does now sleep, thank god ?).
It’s mad, the song I played throughout my pregnancy was Labi Siffre, “something inside so strong”, and he really is. I know he is turning into the most beautiful young man and he is going to do wonderful things, but son how we went on to have 4 more children after you is a blooming miracle; a bit like you really. ??

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  1. Yes Jack Thomas you were certainly sent to prepare us for what has become a full on crazy life with the Weston family. Although to be fair we wouldn’t have it any other way. X

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