My Dad, is totally blog worthy ? What a chap Alan Reginald Bergin is, I’m sure he won’t thank me for the middle name share ? ( Reginald ?? I mean, why ??)
Steve has always had a tough job living up to my Dad’s name, the amount of times I’ve said, “well if you can’t do it I will ask my Dad” ? my Dad really is mr fix it, he’s as strong as an ox, and so clever often knowing very random facts ? But he really can turn his hand to anything,
he can lay carpets, he can decorate a home, he can do plumbing, any sort of carpentry, gardening, cooking, first aid, master of tent building,
growing up he has taught me many of these life skills, and now I am more than able to Wallpaper a wall, mow the lawn, and cut wood ??
We’ve always had a lovely relationship, he said we argued in my teenage years but I don’t remember many spats, I remember once throwing some cushions at him in the caravan mid row ?? and recognising I had pushed his buttons just a little and I ran lol, but on the whole I’ve always been his princess,
I loved it when he came home from work, he worked for a news paper company, and was often given freebies like a 100 pot noodles, 50 loo rolls, we never knew just what he would bring home ? And if it wasn’t freebies, he was buying some bargain purchase like the snooker table we used as our main dining table, well it did the trick, and was a bargain ? (See where I get my Arthur daily selling skills from)
One Christmas he took me and my little brother down into the garage and revelled a go-cart he had made for us, it was the coolest bit of kit, powered by a petrol engine, he took us to the local park and gave us the simple instructions to work it, I was foot heavy and hit hard on the accelerator, I remember Dad chasing after me as I shot forward at 20 miles an hour ???
our Edwardian 2 story playhouse he made created a buzz in the street, the excitement we all shared when this surprise was revealed was the best, it had ladders and even a loft, I then used the 100 books he brought from work to create a library, a real working library with kids coming in and me stamping their books, life was good ?
growing up wasn’t without sadness, Mom was poorly lots when we were little, and her diagnosis of Lupus hit us all hard, then her later nervous breakdown made the simplest of joys disappear, but boy my Dad was determined Mom would get better, and his unconditional love for her never waved, and it was so hard, we couldn’t fix her, no matter what we did between us nothing lifted her dark times, our chats together both of us needed, and looking back even then we were a little team,
thankfully she did get better, and I got married, he was the proudest Dad, he adores Steve, and their relationship was tight, but man he does make us both laugh, I mentioned earlier he knows random things, but often he says random things, like when he told Jack we were quarter Muslim, simply because my Grandad was dark-skinned ?
We’ve all learned to go along with his stories, he swears they are all true and I’m sure 90% are, but they really do make me chuckle, when I was a little girl he would tell me a story when sitting by my bed about Robinson Crusoe and the pirates, it was enchanting and I hung on to his every word ❤

He’s 59 now and I spend far too much time worrying about him, I’m just like my Dad in build both of us have very healthy appetites and both carry weight in the dangerous places, I have early arthritis the same as he has, I wish so very much I could take the pain away from him, we’ve been to slimmer’s together, I’ve dragged him to the homeopath with me, and I have him on aloe gel at the minute, my next plan is swimming together, I need him to be around for many more years I’ve got many plans for him when he finally is allowed to retire,
Dad would do anything for anyone, and over the years he has done, hence why now his poor body is exhausted last year his main arm muscle snapped, and currently his leg muscle has done the same, so how do you slow a man like this down ? Well I don’t think you can,
he’s helped build my house in fact he built our extension roof ?? then he did the same for my brother, he’s one of life’s workers, one of life’s diamond geezers, he’s a little but crazy, but he’s soft kind and all a Dad should be, he adores his grandchildren, and is teaching them how to look after their bikes, and how to use basic tools, Alfie today had a lesson in fixing Grandads stool ?
He has got more grumpy as he’s aged and is getting very set in his ways, his Dad was the same and I do tell him, and my Mom try’s, how much he listens though is questionable ?
Dad I know is so very proud of me, he’s a soppy beggar and can throw out a tear with ease, and without embarrassment, he’s a big strong lion, with the softest heart, at a fancy dress fundraiser for lupus a few years back steve dressed as Rodney from only fools and horses and Dad came as Del-Boy, I think that’s a perfect description of my Dad, let’s just hope this time next year, we are all millionaires ?~

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