Childhood Sweethearts ~

I never imagined I would have a love story, the ones you read of in the books, the young girl met her prince and they married and lived happily ever after, and it’s not quite as simple and as pretty as that but it does make for a lovely read ~
1994 I met Steve I was 14, he was head boy at school, in the year above me, I remember watching him read out the school notes at the end of assembly,

he was slim had blonde hair, and a cheeky smile, just like our Charlie’s, I stalked him a little over the coming weeks typical teenage girl, asking questions about what his hobbies were, was he a player ect, he had a lot of admirers back in the day, he wishes he did now ??

Friday night youth club, the dj was on the stage, I made a move and looked through the C.D’s as he did, kinda casually and acting a little cool, my hand touched his, and we exchanged smiles, the next week I got my best mate to ask him out, I know I know not the way it should have been, but the 90’s was the time for change, we hid behind the bike shed, and waited for his mate to run over to with the good news, my friend still likes to tell everyone she was the one who set us up, and yes Natalie you did a good job ?~

November 10th 1994, our first date, well it was more of a walk ? We nervously walked around the block by my house in Bearwood, we must have walked miles, I wasn’t aloud far at 14 so we lapped the block time and time again, sweaty palms holding hands and chatting with ease, we stood under the lampost on the corner of my road and kissed, I remember looking up at the beaming light, my body somewhat shaking from the cold and the adrenaline, I had no idea then he would be my first real love and hopefully my only one ~

Years of watching him run, athletics was his big thing, race after race he dragged me to, perhaps that’s why I so love watching my 5 now, always been good at cheering on the sidelines,

Engaged at 18, we had a massive fancy dress engagement party, a night to remember I got him in tights, and pre kids I looked pretty dam good in my size 10 princess gown, how things have changed ?

The wedding was booked for 12th August 2000, millennium celebrations, we saved so hard and didn’t really party like all our friends were, don’t worry we plan to re live those years in our 40’s, ??

Crafty me made all the decorations, invites, I loved it, and once again it was all I dreamed of and more, and there were many sore heads that night ?

Traditional or some may say boring we brought a brand new house and moved in the day after our wedding, it was all lovely and fluffy but sadly not for long, that year was a tough one, Mom was going through a nervous breakdown crippling for her and us all, I so wanted to make her better but as we all know these things can’t be healed overnight, thank god she came out the other side, we also started the dreaded baby journey, and that’s another blog,

These past 23 years have been very kind to us overall, we’ve had some luck and some bloody tough days, having 4 kids under 3 put us both under real strain, financially and emotionally, some days like most couples he drives me nuts, he’s a man of few words, and I’m a woman of many, ?

  1. He’s a hot head and I’m a romantic, in fact we are opposites, I don’t like most films he loves, I would rather talk and write poems, he would rather dance and drink beer, but the old saying “opposites attract” really does seem to work for us,

he will be cross with me for sharing (but what’s new) the longest we have been apart is 2 weeks after I had the triplets, and the soppy git would phone me on the nights in tears he was a blooming lost soul, playing love songs down the phone, just what a hormonal new Mom to 3 needs ?? I guess some people are just meant to be together,

(Don’t worry the other blogs will contain far less hearts and flowers, well I can try ?)

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