Sadly not as exciting as the title ? but a real Saturday in our house is not for the faint hearted ?~

Typically a Saturday for me is the most stressful day of my week, Mr Weston normally work’s, or hides ? from us, and to be quiet honest given the chance I would do the same,

The weeks are full of structure and most Sunday’s are the same with us dragging everyone to football and rugby, but Saturday unless there is a plan it tends to run into a day of chaos, generally the sound level is louder than a football match, and often I need to hide atleast 5 times a day to get my head together and to face the little darlings,

As a child I never had alot of patience I’m amazed at how over the year’s my patience has grown along with my waistline ? but if I lost it every time they had an argument I would be bat shit crazy, generally I tend to ignore it unless I see blood or someone shouts that loud I can’t ignore it, this may possibly be why my kids are soo loud,

I’m always telling them to not shout, in a big family everyone shouts ? I suppose to get heard, lately if they shout “Mom”, “Mom”,”Mom” I reply with come to me and I will answer, see that for a skill ? but seriously I literally can’t breath when 2/3 kids are calling my name, Alfie could be hassling me for food, and one child may be trying to have a semi normal conversation with me,

I zone out, I recognise I do it, I’m there in body but in my mind I’m on a plane on the way to Dubai ?? but if it work’s and stops me running away from them all it’s a skill I will try to perfect,

another skill Steve just doesn’t quite get is if they are quiet and doing nothing illegal, or life threatening leave them, take for example this morning Charlie and Harry were zoned out in there bedroom, both on phone’s, both wrapped in their duvets like burritos, curtains closed, no movement, yes it’s tempting to get them up and force them to eat, and do all things normal people do but, no bloody leave them make another cuppa and snuggle under the duvet with Alfie watching cbeebies, I have 5 kids when some are quiet it’s easier, let’s face it the less kids you have the easier it is,

Don’t get me wrong I would not leave them there all day (tempting ?) but make your life easier, if they are quiet leave them, Lily had an hour’s bath today she came out like a raisin but again for that hour it was one less to scrap,

Back to Saturday’s ? normally on a Saturday I have a morning of generally losing my mind, emptying the dishwasher, doing atleast 2 wash loads, putting yesterday’s wash load away, and mainly being a human slave to them all,

I do ask myself, is it right to pick up after them, probably not, again this is a good row me and Mr Weston regularly have, but when you are home with them all as much as I am you pick your fights, the gel bottle left by the sink, I move it, the trainers strewn throughout the house I put them away, the poop stains in the loo I find the culprit ? and get them to clean up, you try and prioritise their laziness ? I try and remind him they are only kids it’s just tough we have 5 of them,

We try and wrap up most Saturday’s with a family tea, now these are fun, I spend ages doing a buffet style tea, get the table set all dreamy then they land like a heard of elephants, you can guarantee one child will pick up 3 chicken drummers leaving another child with none, there’s always one who eats far to noisily and will get a kick under the table, we regularly get someone who decides it’s a good idea to drag up some family event involving another person’s miss fortunes ?

Pour the wine Stella, t.v time next, get little man to bed and the remaining 6 can have some quality time together, you ever tried getting 3, 12 year olds to sit nicely on the sofa together ? It simply doesn’t happen, someone’s feet will be touching anothers bodily parts resulting in a mega meltdown, Charlie sings allll the time, often not appreciated especially when your trying to watch something, 4 or even 6 phones going off with random notification sound’s, pretty much everyone not even watching the t.v, drink requests, and fidget spinners, the sound level reaching new heights, no longer can I hope with the noise,

Everyone is banished to their rooms even Steve some Saturday’s and I collect my thoughts, and contemplate life ? poor another glass of wine and look over my photo’s of my beautiful little darlings,

Just how do your kids do this to you, they make me so mad I could open the Calpol bottle with my teeth ? but there squishy little faces I adore, it’s so good we are given this very random ultra caring gene, because my Saturday’s are like a day in a milatry camp, and like a dedicated soldier I get up, get dressed and face the battle, for I will not be beaten by you 5 little house invaders, Momma is one strong cookie ?
You all just send me cookoo ?????


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