What’s self care you ask?

It something being thrashed around the net at the minute.  It sounds a bit new age, but basically it’s time out/your time.  Being a Mom to 5, this has not been a priority for me for the last 15 years.

However, you know what, it is so very important.  In fact, I had no idea just how it important it was, I always rush from one job to the next.  I’m useless at looking after myself.  This week has been no exception.  I haven’t bothered to put on any make up, even my shower schedule has gone a miss ??.  I’ve even walked around with a paint line across my hand from where I’ve had my hand up a jar ?.  I recognise this is not a good look, so why do we not recognise our own self-importance?  Why?  Because we put others before our own needs. I’m telling you and telling myself ?.  The best way to stay strong and in charge of our families is to look after ourselves.  I’m not talking a weekly spa, although my recent Birthday one with Mr Weston, was like a battery re-charge.  I came back with patience, something my tribe drain me off on a daily basis, so yes if you can squeeze one of those in go for it.

But your knee that’s giving you jip, get it checked.  Your hair that needs cutting, instead of buying the little one another top,  go and get your hair cut.  This self-care is clever stuff, it boosts you.  The cup of tea you make today, hold the cup in your hands and feel the warmth.  Stop and enjoy just 5 minutes with your shoes off and your mind stopping and your body relaxing.

I was recently asked a clever question “how many hours in a week do you spend doing something that you really enjoyed?”.  What a question!  However, then I stopped and thought about it and I was shocked.  Yes I enjoy moments, but hours of doing something and saying “oh that was lovely” well there wasn’t many.  In fact, it was only 3 hours that week  A whole week and just 3 hours that I really enjoyed.  That’s naff, so I’m making a point of giving this self-care a shot.

but doing something you enjoy comes in many forms.  Take today for example, I’m up to date with my orders, so I could run a bath and have time to put my make up on.  Instead I’ve chosen to make some jars up to give away.  Why?  Because I recognise giving people gifts makes me happy.  I love being kind, so that in itself is therapy, our minds are as powerful as our bodies.

I have arthritis and have been on a new drug for the past 6 months.  It has worked wonders with my pain, in fact it was gone.  Unfortunately, it was making my anxiety levels go through the roof.  Then add the insomnia at night, and a general feeling of darkness, so I’ve stopped the pills and the pain is back.  It is lowering and exhausting, but out of the two, the pain is easier to cope with.  As we all know a mental health problem no one can see.

So there it is.  If you’re struggling and pushing any problem to the back of your mind, make that appointment.  Alternatively,  lie on the floor and thrash out your favourite album, or eat the cake and enjoy it. Looking after yourself makes you stronger and more able to cope with the worries of others.  Let’s face it no one is Wonder Woman, or Super Man, we are all human.

“Don’t confuse my bad days as a sign of weakness, those are actually the days, I am fighting my hardest ”

look after you, you are important ❤

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