e all know a positive person, the one whose glass is always half full.  Just how does that person remain so positive?

Were they born that way?  Or do they fight daily to be the happy cheery sole that people love?

Now see I’m a bit of a glass half empty gal.  My levels of positivity can very much depend on the day I’m having ?.  Surround me with certain people and I’m quick to chat, and some would say shine.  Other days I struggle so much to pull myself out of a very gloomy place and be all smiley, smiley.

I can’t claim to have true depression, as my dark mood can often be lightened by making changes to that day.  As I get older I’m learning just what does trigger my negative moods.

I love to be alone but realise too much time alone isn’t good for me.  If I spend a day working from home often only speaking to 1 or 2 people, the walls begin to close in and my very cheery house can feel very draining.  However, if I set myself a list of daily tasks, pop on my playlist of music, open some doors, switch on lights, be kind to myself with an extra cuppa in my favourite mug I can turn things around.

Let’s face it we’ve all heard about the ‘positive things come to positive people’ mantra, and yes I do believe in elements like this.  Life is very much about “you get out of life what you put in”, but some day’s when you have no orders, and no money in the bank, and your tired, and you’re in pain, just how do you drag yourself to this positive ‘I can do this place?’

Soooo many times over the years, I have laid in bed and almost prayed Steve would come upstairs and say “you don’t have to do this today, take the day off, here are some flowers and a full English” ???.  Realistically this was never going to happen, hand on heart I’ve never even had a bloody duvet day.  Mainly because my ‘positivity’ and drive to get up, comes from caring.  “Caring you ask?”.  Yes I care so much for others, not wanting to let others down, what choice do I have other than to be positive?

As well as the positive friend, we all have the not so positive friend.  The one who doesn’t see the beauty in the flowers, they can’t see the happiness in another friends success, and generally sucks the life right out of you.  I really don’t want to be that person ?.  Surround yourself with positive people and you will be a positive person yourself.

So, that’s just what caring does.  I care too much to give up, I have to remain positive, take a knock and get back up.  Especially as I have 5 little people watching me, I’m teaching them, inspiring them, yes they see me cry, yes they see me low, but they watch their Mom get up every day and fight the good fight.

The half full person, does she have shit to kick?  Yes, and often tough stuff.  I met a lady recently at a hospital appointment, she was so cheery.  We chatted about my gang, she asked questions, and was so smiley and warm, she breathed a positive mental attitude.  I asked her if she had family, “no love I lost my husband some years ago, and my son drowned as a toddler”  How do you reply to that?  I did of course, and she once again made me feel at ease and remained the calmest most positive person to talk to.  Now I’m sure she had cried many a tear and I’m sure had many dark days, but her choice to care for patient’s, perhaps had given her the strength to carry on.

And there it is, choice?

We all choose just how we are going to react to situations.  Yes, some we have no control over, and the tears that need to stop just don’t ?.  The extra loud shouting perhaps was a little OTT, but on the whole we are in control of our own positivity.

And when we choose to ride the storm it feels so good.  Telling ourselves “we can do this” feels good, and before we know it good things are happening.  I can do this, I’m sick of doubting myself, some of the most confident people are the most positive one’s.

They are not necessarily the best person for the job.  Perhaps they don’t have the qualifications that person A has, but they believe they can do it, and this belief and positivity gets them the job ?.

I sadly can’t claim to be Mrs Sunshine ?.  However, I defiantly know when I am ‘positive’ Stella, I’m in a far happier and creative space.  So, those positivity trigger points I’m working on ?~

This blog post is dedicated to my best friend who made a choice, and chose positivity ❤~positivity

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