Apologies, I recognise I went a bit mad with my blog order this evening, this one should be Alfie’s birth story ?, but I think you have to roll with your thoughts and feelings some days, and lets face it order can be a bit boring ?
I never pictured myself as the mad sports Mom, in my mind when I was younger I had visions of me taking my 3 little girls to dance and art classes, and singing hymns in choir on a Sunday morning, but the universe had different plans for us ⚽️???‍♀️

I recognised early on just how important clubs would be to ours and ours kids lives, I shouldn’t laugh but they were life savers in the early days, I had them in Beavers yes all 4 it was pay for 3 and get one in for free ? so my little pink pocket rocket was enrolled, any outings going on and I had their names down, school holidays we followed Jesus around the neighbourhood, church art and craft clubs, messy church, I did literally thank god for them, they did drama workshops, swimming courses, multi sports you name it they have done it,
then there’s the big commitments the weekly clubs, and this is where we are now, juggling as best as we can, cooking tea for 7 then whisking 1 or 2 off to football, rugby training, over 6 after school clubs, Steve gets in from work and I go out with one, or we all go, because that’s how we roll,
so you ask “why bother” ? Why put yourself under such strain, and it is a strain, financially, physically and emotionally as we have learned in many ways this past year,
take today for an example, we left our house at 9.15am, before we left, we got three kits organised, ensured all had clean boots, drink bottles, gum shields, scrum hats, goalie gloves, pop bottles, the equipment for the 4-year-old was ready and believe me that’s a lot of equipment when the little chap could be field bound for hours ? He has a pop up tent, and duvet ? more snacks than an after school club, spare clothes, I won’t go on,
we then have the guilt of leaving the pink one who currently refuses to come, I’ve tried bribery but she’s having none of it, she’s enrolled in the school gymnastics and dance club and playing for the school netball team, (we are officially allowed to watch her first tournament Tuesday, ⛹?‍♀️sadly no banners allowed?) but it is her choice to then veg out on a Sunday, a choice I have to respect,
anyway back to the filed, we roll up at Redditch rugby club today for Jacks hour of training, followed by a game at 11, he’s 15 in June and hungry to win these weekly games with his “Titans team”, but it’s not just the passion to win there’s so much more to these games, he’s making these really special friendships, laughing and bonding with these young men, these games are pretty rough and Jack is fearless with his tackles, as a Mom I often can’t look when he’s on the floor under a scrum ? But we don’t stand on the sidelines alone, for all these lads have parents, they are our rugby friends no rugby family ??

We go to many social events, rugby camps, rugby tours (that’s another blog ?) it’s all aimed at families, time together, yes it’s often in mud, and can be in freezing weather conditions, but Alfie’s in fresh air and often is the star attraction, we laugh and sometimes cry at the games, but us and Jack belong to something, and win or lose, it’s always good to belong,
we leave around 1pm after a warming port for me and a quick beer for Steve, a couple of hotdogs for Jack, and were on to field 2, we drop off the eldest and pick up Charlie, Harry and a friend, pop a wash on, check Lily is ok, and we’re gone,
2pm we land for the boys away football game, they have had the hardest run lately with their team, many players have left and new faces/players take a little time for all to get used to, but again we have friends here, I collect the subs, Steve helps set up and train, the same people we see week in week out, and yes no one one wants to be on a losing streak, you have to swallow hard and dig deep to come back week in week out, it takes grit and determination, just like today’s game, the rain soaked us all, I couldn’t see out my glasses, I wore myself out shouting and cheering them on, feeling the pain the 4 goals our Charlie couldn’t save,
the 10 plus he did save we celebrate, we celebrate Harry’s brilliant defending, the effort they all made to be part of a team, I’m a mad sports Mom because I don’t want to miss any of it, I want to be there to watch Jack score a try, and pick him up when he’s hurt, wipe away Charlie’s tears when he says he can’t play anymore, shout as loud as I can so Harry knows I’m behind him, ferry Lily back and forth,
in a flash of an eye these days will be gone, and for as tired as I am tonight, and the 4 loads of washing created from it all, the car caked in mud, I know we gave them our all, and these clubs give them so much more than rugby/football skills they give them the building blocks for life,
my glass is raised (mug of tea actually ☕️) here’s to more crazy I can’t cope with life training runs, more freezing cold fields, more defeats and tears, bring them on , because I’m a mad sports Mom ??~

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