I’ve never been keen on the front of our house and in a ideal world I would go out and buy a new front door and replace all my windows with beautiful wooden ones, in the real world a tin of paint and a few plants will have to do the trick ??~


I have been itching to paint the upvc front door and researching paint for some time, there are a number of brands that sell paint now suitable for painting plastic, I decided on a brand called Versante (£23.99) a chalk based paint lovely and thick really easy to use, I recognise I do paint day in, day out but believe me as long as your careful anyone can do this,

choosing the colour of the door was a job ? I was drawn to the rose pink but the voices of the 5 males in the house made it very clear this wasn’t an option this time ? so it was to be “Autentico Swedish Blue”, bright and cheery, and very much like a house out of Balamory  ?

The prep was very simple I gave the door a good clean down with a sugar scrub, a bit like a body polish lol, I invested in a nice new paintbrush nothing to exspensive £3 if I remember right, I went for a 1 1/2″ brush that I personally found a good size to control, a mini roller tray set, and a pack of very fine wet/dry sand paper,



With any project I do I went at it with very little plan, the painting  of the door was very much like this, I was very careful to not get any paint on the black rubber strips, a steady hand is needed, but never panic take a wet cloth out in case of the odd slip, I recommend painting the door not in the direct sunlight as the paint will dry to quick leaving streaks,

the paint was yummy to use, a real quality thick paint, it did dry quickly but the streaks were minimum, I gave it 2 coats on the one day, and took off the door handle and also gave this 2 coats,

the following day I used the fine sand paper dry, it does say you can use it wet but it did the job fine, I took off all the thick drags lines and noticeable brush strokes, then used the roller for the next coat,

all very simple, I added a few layers of my favourite dishwasher safe modge podge, I’m sure there is a wax/varnish you can use ? But this worked fine on the door handle, and has given it a good seal,

overall I was really pleased with the re paint, I am unsure over time how it will wear but the remaining 3/4 of a tin of paint I have left will be kept at hand for touch ups, I’m wreath mad and picked up this very pretty white wreath from Homesense for £9.99,

I’m flower mad can you tell ? I picked up the milk churn from homebargains £6.99 I have filled it with bricks to weigh it down, then placed the artificial hydrangea inside, ( Homesense £12.99) fixed it with a glue in the hope it stays out the front ?

front-door makeover

Not quite sure where I’m going with the wooden vintage pallet but I just love it, a gift from family, the hanging basket is a lovely ceramic hanger and again from Homesense my favourite shop, (£7), I decided on some real flowers in this one, not sure how long they will last as my reputation for plant care is very poor,

the willow mesh climber was from Aldi (£4.99) again simply for effect, with a chopped up artifical ivy climber added, the front of our house is either in direct sunlight or darkness so growing any plants isn’t a real goer, so artificial Is our best option,

so there we are, my mini 2 day makeover, all under £100 and I’m told you can see the Weston’s Blue door on the moon so we defiantly stand out ??

Good luck with you project, and don’t be afraid to be different ??




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  1. Stel, this is one of the many things I love about you. You have a wonderful creative nature and you can make beautiful looks without spending a fortune (very informative, and encouraging to others to ‘have a go’! ?) X

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