“What do I want to be when I grow up “~

At 37 I seem to be asking myself this lately on a daily basis, I’m at a bit of a cross roads with everything, I love running my own small business, I started “Bella’s Beautiful things”, just over 3 years ago and it’s the loveliest place to work, a dreamers paradise,
However when it’s quiet it’s really quiet, you make something and launch it on Facebook with excitement and it can be very hit and miss as to who see’s it, there is no member of staff to console you, to give you reassurance the next one will be more successful,
I can’t knock Facebook, it’s a free platform, I would never have imagined I could run my own show from home with 5 children, it really does work and I have so many returning customer’s, who have become my friend’s over the year’s, year on my profits are growing, slowly, slowly catch a monkey and all that,
What I don’t want to happen is for me to continue in this cycle of making something, me having high hopes then no one seeing it and me going off and having a cry ? and most importantly we need a regular top up income, to quite literally survive,
I am trying to reach as many selling platforms as I can, I post daily over on Instagram,
Plug away on craft pages on Facebook, I have an ETSY shop, I sponsor posts, this is basically away of showing your makes to 1000’s of people on Facebook, but paying a few £’s to get the reach you would really like for free,
I have my goods in a local cafe, I’m asking friends and family to take a “Bella’s box to work” and if they sell a jar/candle melter they can keep one, I’m literally giving it my all, and on a good week it’s enough to help tick us over,
But on a naff week it can be a very lonely place to be, so thinking out of the box, I tend to migrate to the other areas of life I would like to work in ~
Home decor/design ?
Babies ?
Blogging ?
Tea Shop owner ?

The first is a massive passion, I soo love a good shelf faff, a room makeover, sadly with a large tribe of children the lovely look’s I create last for minutes, but the vision and capturing that moment with a beautiful photo is the bit I so enjoy,



Then there are babies, well I definitely have the experience in this field, my official qualifications are in Nursery Nursing, and management, but it’s the squishy new-born I long to work with, my big desire to help other Mothers on a successful breastfeeding journey is an option I’m very interested in exploring, fingers are still crossed for an official course I’m due to start in September, with a winding path that could lead to a paid job,

Blogger well now this is fun, I am loving writing my blogs, but how I share them with the wider world, I have no idea ? it’s like a foreign language, buying a domain name ??, plug-ins ?? what’s that all about ? I could write a blog a day with ease ? ask me how to create a website now that’s a different story,

The last is the eventual dream, no plan ? sadly requiring a large wedge of cash, I have wanted to run a beautiful tea shop for years, with a pianist casually playing, tables littered with delicate flowers, Cath Kidston decor as far as the eye can see, groups meeting for painting classes, and book clubs, homemade cakes and the frothiest coffee with a little heart in ?
So I need to book an appointment with either a shrink ? or career advisor, do grown up’s see these ? lol, and when they sit me down and ask me what I want to be I would reply with all the above ???
In all seriousness I am a little sad that I can’t quite grasp any of my dreams and make a roaring success of them, but I’m not one for giving up, and have no intention of doing so, I just need that lucky break, that someone to believe in me, to see me,??? I’m waving like a mad woman, hello ?
I’m not looking to make a fortune just a regularly paid job, where I can be creative, for it to be received with fondness, and for us to not have to watch every penny that comes in the house,
Any ideas please send over on a postcard, this creative director is currently a work in progress ?~

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